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Cocktail Company is hiring bartenders

Are you a people person, and do you love to be the center of the party? Then this is just the right job for you. You’ll be a part of a professional team that over the years has been making thousands of cocktails for countless events across the country. We do not expect you to have experience as you will be trained through our internal bar academy – but we do expect a smile on your face and a high level of service!

Job as a bartender

Professional environment

You’ll be a part of a professional company that takes the job as a bartender very seriously. You will be trained through our 3-day bar academy, and over time you will have the opportunity to improve your skills and increase in salary and degrees. With us you will learn to make high-quality cocktails.

The center of the party

Every day at work is a party, and you’ll be the center of it. You are surrounded by happy people and become part of the party on the other side of the bar. A good appearance, a high level of service and a smile on your face are the most important qualities when you are working for us.

Social coherence

As a bartender you get to know a lot of new people, nd once a month all the bartenders get together for the “Friday Group Social Club”, where we do different social events and get to know each other.

Job duties as a bartender at Cocktail Company

Job description

  • Your main task will be to deliver a perfect cocktail experience for our customers and guests
  • Provide great customer service and help create Denmark’s best workplace
  • Arrive at the scheduled start time in appropriate uniform and be ready to work
  • Setting up bars and inventory and organizing the facilities with your colleagues (including equipment and all materials)
  • Prepare the necessary fresh products before service
  • Varying duties as assigned by immediate manager or bar manager on duty
  • After the event, remove inventory and all beverage equipment for proper storage as agreed with the company
  • Keep a cool head in sometimes hectic situations without losing your professionalism and eye for quality
  • Continuously develop your professional skills in mixology and service

Competences, knowledge and skills

  • Working with a smile on your face
  • Able to demonstrate a high level of service to the guest
  • Enjoys socializing, is outgoing and positive
  • Have a good sense of the situation
  • Highly motivated by creating the ideal experience for the customer and guest
  • A good team player and possess strong interpersonal skills
  • Can communicate in either English or Danish

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Cocktail Company ApS

Direct phone to HR: +45 3020 5192 

Website: https://coctailcompany.dk

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